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10 must-know handy household hints

10 must-know handy household hints

Did you know that separating bananas from the bunch makes them last longer?Or that the best way to reheat a pizza (so it retains its crispy base) is to warm it in a fry pan?

No? Then read on because these must-know household hints will change your life!

10 must-know handy household hints

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Handy hint 1  – bananarama

Pull bananas apart before displaying them in your fruit bowl. If you
leave them connected at the stem, they’ll ripen faster and go brown
quicker. Who knew?!

Handy hint 2 – flexible vacuum

To suck up hard-to-reach gunk under your fridge, or behind a bookshelf,
insert an empty paper towel roll into the end of your vacuum cleaner
and bend, or flatten it, to squeeze into these difficult spots.

Handy hint 3 – buying capsicum

We’re not sure why, but a capsicum with three bumps on the bottom is
sweeter than one with four. Oh, but four bumps makes for a crunchier,
firmer capsicum, so you should weigh up crunch vs. sweet when picking
out your pepper!

Handy hint 4 – fend off weeds

Instead of tossing your daily rag in the recycling bin, use the
newspaper as mulch and deter noxious weeds. Simply wet the sheets and
put the layers around your plants and garden beds, covering with soil as
you go. The weeds won’t be able to get through the wet newspaper

Handy hint 5 – so cheesey

Wrap cheese chunks in aluminium foil and store in the fridge to keep your cheddar fresher for longer and to keep mould out.

Handy hint 6 – mozzies be gone!

If you have the kind of blood that attracts mosquitoes like a moth to a
flame, then listen up. To keep the pesky blood suckers at bay, place a
fabric softener dryer sheet in your pocket. Mosquitoes are repelled by
the scent and you’ll smell like summer breeze all night!

Handy hint 7 – crispy leftover pizza

To reheat a pizza so that the base is out-of-the-oven crisp, heat your
leftover slices in a fry pan on low-medium heat on the stove until warm
and wave goodbye to the days of soggy microwave pizza.

Handy hint 8 – reopening envelopes

If you seal an envelope and realise you’ve forgotten to include
something inside, just place it in the freezer for an hour or two and
voila, the envelope will unseal without a trace!

Handy hint 9 – the power of garlic

Add garlic immediately to a recipe if you want a subtle taste and towards the end to blast it with flavour.

Handy hint 10 – getting rid of ants

It may sound cruel, but if you have an ant problem, desperate times
call for desperate measures. Put small piles of polenta where you see
ants and they’ll gobble it up, return ‘home’ and won’t be able to digest
it. Your ant problem (and the ants) will soon be dead.

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