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4 Important Garden Tools Everybody Needs

Who wouldn’t wish to possess a well-groomed, lovely garden, Do you wish to help keep pests out of your home? Maintaining your garden will help any pest control service carried out by Proven Pest Control: Gosford

A well maintained Garden will produce an excellent initial impression, or maybe become a further area for you to create use of. In spite of the size of your area, your yard ought to be kept as tidy as the interior of your home.

1. Lawnmowers

Once, weekends were spent with hours out on the spacious front lawn, sweating over the fuel-guzzling, fume-blowing mower that covered you in grass clippings. Back then, mowing any lawn required a petrol mower, and this may still be the case for larger properties. However, electric and battery options have improved considerably, delivering more power and value.

A lawnmower with a wide cutting blade diameter means less time mowing the lawn Pest Control Gosfordand more time enjoying your weekend. Petrol lawn mowers commonly have a wide diameter of 45 and 50cm.

Electric and battery powered models are more commonly available with cutting diameter widths between 30 and 40cm. You would be suprised at how 10 or 20cm may not look like much and that may not be an issue if you own a smaller yard in the inner-city, but lawn owners with a large block will definitely notice if you have to make a 10 to 20 extra runs for each mowing session.

Bunnings have quite a large selection of Lawn-mowers, you can check them out here

 2.  Whipper-snipper

Whipper snippers, which are also called line trimmers, edge trimmers or lawn trimmers – are used for more than just good looking lawn edges or garden borders. With a Whipper-Snipper you can whiz through horizontal trimming along fences and walls, cut overgrown patches of long grass and even mow reasonably-sized areas of Yard.

There are three types of Whipper Snippers – They are petrol, electric, or cordless (battery-powered). You will need to make sure you take into consideration the size of your lawn, the type of grass, and the sort of edges and obstacles it within the yard.

3. Blower

Exhausted from using a garden rake or broom to clean up the leaves? Introducing a blower to your garden shed will make life a breeze. Leaf blowers can do the job in a half the time, flick a switch and the leaf-blowervac-petrol-leaf-blower-279860-4734637_diaVac function makes tidying up so much faster. Cordless Leaf Blowers, which are petrol or battery powered, tend to be a little more pricey, but if you have a big garden they certainly make the job easier

Meanwhile, corded ones are great if you’re want to stick to a budget or have a smaller yard. Corded blowers are usually lighter, often being able to be used with one hand and they also tend to be easier to use.

Make sure you pick one that’s easy to use and one that isn’t too heavy. Also have a thought about whether you need just a blower, a blower vac or a tool that has both of these options. Most dual setting blowers will mulch the debris when on the vac setting.

4. HedgeCutter

With all the work that goes into choosing and growing the perfect hedge, you need the right tools to keep it looking good. Gardeners can now choose between petrol and battery operated hedge trimmers. Electric trimmers are quite popular, due to their  low cost and ease of use.

Using a hedge trimmer is fairly simple and normally  just requires some common sense:

Never trim your bushes or hedges while it’s raining. This is especially important when using an electric hedge trimmer. This is simple advice for your safety;when using any electric power tool, not just hedge trimmers – remember water and electricity does not mix!

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