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Annual Pest Control Treatment

Most premises in Sydney need pest control at least once a year, with
others such as restaurants needing it far more often. When appropriate,
we can propose an annual pest control program after our initial visit,
so that you don’t need to think about it anymore. Our scheduled services
are ideal for homes and offices, hotels and motels, restaurants and
cafes, etc.

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Pest Control SydneyIt would be nice if there was a ‘one size fits all’ approach to pest
control, whereby spiders, rats, mice, cockroaches etc could all the
controlled with the same treatment, but the reality is that different
species and sub-species require a different treatment entirely.

For example, German cockroaches
are far more pervasive and require much more rigorous and ongoing
treatment than regular cockroaches. That said, however, it doesn’t
matter what pest problem you’re having – our trained and licensed
technicians can inspect, assess, and recommend a solution in any case.

Whilst it’s always better to prevent an infestation than it is to try to
clean one up, and to that end most of the jobs we do each week are
routine preventative treatments, we can also deal with infestations.

Cockroach Control SydeyOne thing that attracts and supports the existence of pests around
the house, somewhat surprisingly, is leaking plumbing – indeed any
stagnant pools of water.

They don’t just breed mosquitoes, but also
provide the necessary water source for pests to breed and exist in your home. Sources of water can include leaky fittings, plant water trays,
outdoor areas such as drains etc, and wet bathrooms.

Another point to consider is the placement of plants, shrubs, and trees when you’re doing your gardening or landscaping – keep trees, bushes and plants at least 30cm away from your house walls when building your garden, as this will
remove the opportunity for crawling insects to use the plants as a
bridge to get to your walls, then climb up and into the ceiling cavity,
eventually making their way into the house.

Most pest control companies will do two things to prevent this type of thing happening; they’ll form
an invisible chemical barrier around the top of your walls on the
outside of the house (just under the eaves), and they’ll also apply a
dust-based pesticide in your ceiling cavity to help thwart the journey
of any insects that might make it past the barrier outside and also to
prevent having a breeding place for any insects that might already be
inside the house.

If you have outdoor areas that are particularly attractive to insects
(sometimes airborne insects) at night time, especially during the
summer months, an effective deterrent is to change the color of the
lighting – as far as possible from white. Yellow, pink, and even orange
lights are less attractive to bugs and insects than regular white
lights, and can help prevent your outdoor areas acting as a magnet for
pests and insects that are looking for a comfortable place to move in!

Other simple things that you can do regularly that cost nothing are
to routinely inspect for pools or puddles of water that might be
providing a drinking source for pests, and to maintain good basic
hygiene around the home – including but not limited to removing old
boxes etc that providing hiding and breeding places for crawling
insects, and also regularly vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors to
keep sources of food and shelter for the insects to a minimum.

Cockroaches particularly are drawn to food scraps, even packaging that
might have residual smell or taste on it can provide a rewarding snack
for a hungry and hunting cockroach, and given their capacity to breed
and replicate in numbers quickly, the last thing you want to do is to
feed cockroaches!

A common problem that many Aussie households experience (again,
during the warmer months mostly) is outdoor ants. Whilst most pest
control companies can offer a treatment for outdoor ants, it will rarely
be a singular treatment, because the issue with ants outside is that
it’s more of a suburb-wide problem than a one-house problem.

You can get rid of the ants in your back yard, but it’s only going to be a matter
of days before the colonies from your neighbours yards realise there is
empty territory for them to invade, and then you’ll be right back to
having a strong population of ants in your yard. Some of the treatments
used, depending on the situation, can be to locate the ants nests or
holes and treat them with pesticide, and to also place ant bait stations
in the areas immediately around the nests.

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