Cockroaches in the kitchen

Cockroaches In The Kitchen

German cockroaches are the most common cockroaches in the world and are usually found in moist areas such as the kitchen, laundry, bathroom etc. They are small light brown (babies are black). Cockroaches will migrate from room to room as local populations expand. The key is making sure there isn’t anything around to enable them to sustain themselves once they arrive. The standing water in your kitchen sink and the leftover crumbs from last night’s dinner attract roaches, making it difficult to get rid of them, but Proven Pest Control is right at your doorstep to help.

Follow these simple steps to prevent a cockroach invasion in your kitchen:

  • Call the professionals at Proven Pest Control for a guaranteed fast, cost effective treatment.
  • Cleaning up your kitchen is the first step in preventing cockroaches from residing in your home. Cockroaches love anything from soft flour to thick grease, and have been known to get into other food products. Having the ability to detect even the smallest of food particles, cockroaches may take over your microwave, refrigerator, electric wires and even your cabinets. Be sure to wipe down countertops, and mop. Pests are not covered by insurance, so it is best to call Proven Pest Control as soon as you see one!

Cockroaches In The Yard

Cockroaches are usually associated with uncleanliness, especially if they find their way into a kitchen. Consequently, when contaminated food goes in, contaminated faeces come out. So, regarding cockroaches that have found their way indoors, unsanitary kitchen produces unsanitary cockroaches, but Proven Pest Control can solve that problem for you with our handy tips, and guaranteed to last treatments! Clean or not, any home can suddenly become a playground for cockroaches. Sometimes they wander in through loose-fitting doors and windows during weather extremes. Often, they’ve just inadvertently hitched a ride in boxes, grocery bags, firewood or furniture. Once inside, they will nest in furniture or appliances, or even spaces in baseboards, cabinets and floors are enough to provide safety. Humidity, which they like, is to be found in or under sinks. Food is readily available – the tiniest breadcrumb fallen to the floor can be a whole meal for a cockroach, but don’t worry – we are here to help!

Have you ever wondered why cockroaches scatter from your pets food/ water bowl when turning on a light? That is because pets food scraps are a massive attractant to cockroaches and many other pests such as crickets, beetles etc. Being mindful to pick up your pets bowl after meals and washing them up daily is a key factor to a clean environment and won’t attract pests.

Proven Pest Control guarantees a fast, cost effective way to a pest free home. We guarantee a lasting treatment with great warranty offers!

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