Common ants of Australia



The list of Ants in Australia:

Argentine Ant:

  • Sugar eater
  • It has 5-8 large teeth on the mandibles and 5-13 smaller denticles
  • Resembles the white footed house ant, but is brown in colour
  • Lacks a strong smell when quashed

Black house ant:

  • Sugar eater
  • A small intensely-black ant
  • This ant has a distinguishing node
  • Slightly smaller and stockier than the white footed house ant
  • This is Australia’s most common house ant

Bulldog Ant:

  • Protein eater
  • One of the largest ants in Australia
  • Red/black in colour and very aggressive
  • Very long and straight mandibles with large eyes
  • Painful sting

Coastal brown Ant:

  • Fats and oils eater
  • Golden brown to brown in colour
  • Two raised nodes on pedicel (rear node more rounded)
  • Polymorphic (major workers with large heads)
  • Sting present
  • Spines visible on thorax

Carpenter Ant:

  • Sugar eater
  • Variable in colour – from black to dark brown to orange
  • Has a smooth, evenly rounder thorax
  • Quite large in size
  • Polymorphic (hard workers)
  • Mandibles has 5-8 teeth
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