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Deterring pesky birds

If you are anything like me, you have a healthy fear of birds. The advantage they have over you, being able to fly, swoop and attack with precision, makes them enemy number one. Therefore, any deterrent for birds is golden and advice I use in everyday situations. However what can my workplace, or better yet, your workplace do to deter pesky birds?


Birds are drawn to a reliable food source, one that is easy to obtain, and regularly available. This makes garbage bins at schools, skips at the back of shopping centres and warehouses that process food, an all you can eat buffet for birds. Removing their food source is the easiest and quickest way to deter birds from making your business their home.

How to remove food sources from my workplace?

Here are a few tips to help remove access to a bird’s food source:

  • Lock down the lids to your garbage bins – whether is be the regular wheelie bins or the large skips, ensure that the lid is secured after use, and not easily opened.
  • Hide the sources of food – move your bins inside at night, or relocate them to another part of your property.
  • Ensure that all rubbish is disposed properly, as birds have sharp beaks and can easily open garbage bags.


Other ways to deter birds from my workplace

Pesky birds can gain access to your warehouse through loading bays and damaged roofs. All it takes is a 25mm gap for birds to find their way in! Ensuring that the loading bay doors are closed when practical and that all holes and gaps are filled will help to stop them from flying inside, and nesting in your ceilings. Repairing a damaged part of your ceiling is a great way to stop birds from entering your building and contaminating your workplace.

Did you know that birds can cause serious water damage to your structure and stock by blocking drains with their nests and dislodging roof tiles? Removing access to locations where they nest is a great way to stop the birds from returning. Especially for birds like seagulls that like to return to the same site to nest annually, and have up to a 40 year life span. That is a lot of baby chicks being born at your workplace!

Birds carry disease and parasites in their feathers and droppings which become airborne dust riddled with bacteria and fungii. As if their aggressive swooping at breeding time wasn’t scary enough!

Visit to learn more about over-populated bird species:

FACT: Only three gull species are recognised as being potential pests: Greater black-backed gull, Lesser black-backed gull and Herring gull.


If your bird infestation is beyond your control, it is time to call in the experts in pest control. Webird-image-21   will create a custom plan suitable for your location and requirements.

Here are the options available:

  • Bird netting – an immediate, effective and discreet solution to rid an area of all pest bird species
  • Bird Spikes – a humane method which gently pushes the birds off balance
  • Electric Bird Deterrents – is a cost effective and discreet solution to keep birds away
  • Optical Bird Scarer – harmlessly relocates birds by reflecting light beams.

When you call on pest control professionals, you need to be confident that they can handle whatever pests you may have lurking around your home or business.

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