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How to rodent-proof your business

Rodents can be pests at the best of times, but when it comes to your business, being pest-free is of the utmost importance to not only the health and safety practices of your organisation, but also to your reputation.

Keep the office clean and tidy

The secret to keeping rodents out of your office is by not having anything lying around that lures them in. So you need to have strict processes in place to keep the space clean and tidy. Simple practices like maintaining your workplace garbage bins indoors and outdoors so rodents aren’t attracted to strong smells. Providing secured places for staff to store packaged foods and ensuring they are always in airtight containers. Ensuring your cleaners are doing a thorough job, especially in the office kitchen.

Inspect and secure the buildingrat_trash

You won’t need any security staff for this but you will need to do a thorough inspection of your building, inside and out, searching for any holes, crevices or cracks where rodents could be getting into the building or inside cupboards and cabinets. Once you find the holes, block them up. You can do this with steel wool, copper mesh or concrete.

You’ll also want to consider your doors, screens and closing mechanisms. Make sure doors are not kept open unnecessarily and if they need to be open for ventilation, consider adding screens to act as a physical barrier against rodents.

Use rodent baits

Rodent baits can be effective in luring and catching rodents if you discover you’ve got a rodent issue in your office or workplace. You can purchase simple traps or baits that ideally the rodent eats and then goes off to die elsewhere. There are two issues, however, with baits and traps. The first being the disposal of caught rodents in traps and the second being how far a baited rodent can travel before it passes. Should it die inside the building, the stench will be absolutely stifling for your staff and may contaminate your workplace.

Call in the experts rats-under-kitchen-in-norwich-kitchen

Offices and businesses cover larger surface areas, the fitouts are different to homes with many false ceilings, walls and partitions for rodents to run around in. Often rodents will make their home within the hidden cavities of a business and go unseen for months or even years, only giving themselves away if one of them dies in the building and the smell starts to linger.
Rodents always travel in families and they bread at extreme rates. A problem of this proportion can rarely be solved simply by putting out a few baits or blocking up holes. If you discover a rodent problem in your workplace, you’ll want to eradicate it quickly and effectively in order to continue running your business efficiently, by calling in an expert pest controller.

When you call on pest control professionals, you need to be confident that they can handle whatever pests you may have lurking around your home or business.

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