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Pest Control Methods and Detterence

Pest Control Sydney

Pests can be a nuisance. Such pests can include moths, spiders, rodents, cockroaches and destructive termites. The presence of these pests in our home can actually lead to the damage to property and as well impact our health negatively. 

For us to keep our home free from these unwanted and annoying creatures, pest inspections and pest management is an important part. 

Frequently, pests can be more destructive than we can ever imagine. Termites also known in Australia as white ants is an example of how a pest can be destructive.

Non-Chemical Detterence

A Non-Chemical management methods may prevent pets from multiplying  and help any pest control treatment produce better results.

Pest Control Sydney

 Cockroaches are often found near toilets and under sinks because of they love to stay around damp, wet places. They like to feed on scraps and spillages. One way to keep our homes free from this pest is to keep our homes clean and clutter free.

Make sure you fix leaking pipes and taps. Minimize areas where they can hide by sealing cracks and holes in around your home.

One of the most frequently neglected areas is our kitchen. Allowing them to feed on your leftover food is like you are supplying them with a banquet for their day to day activities. Your kitchen stove, benches, oven and floors should be cleaned after cooking and cooked food should be transferred to a sealed container.
Dust mites flourish in warmth and humid environments and can be commonly found in clothing and beds. A good practice to avoid this is, vacuum your mattrasses and pillows and wash beddings at temperatures higher than 60 degrees Celsius.  Keeping your home well ventilated, so as to reduce dust mites by keeping the humidity down. 

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Termite Inspections

An important precaution to prevent termite damage is to hire a pest inspection termite specialist to examine your home at a minimum of every 12months. 
We are often asked, how important are regular termite inspection? Recognising and treating termites in the early stages of infestation can save lots of time and money therefore regularly monitoring your home for termite infestation is essential.
Termites SydneyIt is highly recommended by the CSIRO that termite inspections are done annually for homes right through Australia. Termite Control Specialists carryout a thorough inspection which complies with Australian standards and regulations. You will be provided an 8-9 page Australian standard report.
Having a trained and licensed Pest technician to perform your Termite Control Sydney is necessary to ensure you receive your Australian Standard Paper work to avoid voiding any product warranties on termite barriers you may have in place in your home.
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