Mosquitoes are members of ‘Order Diptera’. The bloodsucking habit of the female has given the group significant pest status; which in Australia is represented by over 270 described species that as adults have piercing, and sucking mouthparts.

The blood sucking habit of the female has given the group significant pest status, which is mostly manifest in the way in which they may affect the health and comfort of humans and livestock.

Mosquito Control

The nature of mosquito breeding habits is such that control measures may need to be extensive, and costly. Although individuals may use screens to exclude and coils, or aerosols to kill or repel adult mosquitoes. Any serious attempt at mosquito control must involve some disruption of larval feeding habitats.

The use of insecticides may involve killing larvae and/ or repelling, or killing adults. Larval breeding areas may be treated with sprayers or granule application.

Pest Control Mosquito

Mosquito life cycle Mosquito Prevention

The disruption of breeding sites can do much to reduce a mosquito problem. Individuals can prevent localised breeding by preventing water accumulations as may occur in rubbish (e.g. tin cans, old tyres) and blocked roof guttering. Biological mosquito control may involve the use of mosquito-eating fish.

Much protection from adult mosquitos is afforded by the screening of doors, windows, vents, and other openings to buildings.[/one_half_last]

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