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The presence of rats and mice in buildings is usually regarded as undesirable from the viewpoint of food spoilage and contamination, physical damage and the transmission of diseases to humans.

Rats and mice are responsible for enormous losses of food in storage, either by directly eating the foods or by rendering them inedible through contamination. As the rodents move in and around stored foods, they contaminate the food with their droppings, urine  and hairs.
The constant gnawing of rodents can be the cause of serious damage to a range of materials. The gnawing of of wires and cables has caused the breakdown of telephone systems and short-circuiting, which may result in equipment damage or, at worst very costly fires.

Rodent Control

The control of some high health risk infestations usually requires the implementation of several procedures. In dealing with all rodent problems, however, irrespective of the type of chemical control or trapping undertaken, unless proper sanitation and hygiene practices must be implemented.

Common treatments may involve Rodent proofing, Trapping, Chemical control ie: baits, tracking powders and fumigation.


Pest Control Rat


Rodent Proofing

Rodent Prevention

Baiting cannot prevent rodents from entering homes, it only kills them when they are already in your home.

Rodent prevention starts with decreasing the food and shelter available to a given population of rodents is likely to lead to more competition between individuals and, eventually to a decline in the number of rodents present

Perhaps the most permanent method of rodent control is to make alterations to the building to prevent rodent entry.

Our Exclusive Rodent Service

Every Rodent service provided by Proven Pest Control is tailored and unique to your home. Unlike other service’s we don’t “just throw bait in the roof” and call it a day. Rodent Treatments should always be carried out in two parts; with a little bit of help from the homeowner, it is possible to treat and prevent further infestations.

From the moment we Knock on your door and introduce ourselves, you can be assured that all rat and mouse issues will be taken care of.

The Proven Pest Control service includes a full inspection, recommendations for prevention, minor baiting, and a full report with photos emailed to you. Our technician will inspect all accessible areas for access points, looking for any evidence of infestation inside, and then inspecting external areas. We can also carry out minor proofing of your home.

Once we have carried out our inspection and full report, we can then begin our treatment. The treatment is quite comprehensive and further details can be found in our recent article.


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