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Pest Control – Wasps in Sydney

Controlling wasps in Sydney is a tricky business.

The challenge in Pest Control is to get close enough to control the wasps, but at the same time make sure not to get stung.

Pest Control SydneyWe get called out to control European wasps as well, which are more stubborn, robust and aggressive than paper wasps – and harder to eradicate.

Great care should be exercised to avoid the risk of being stung by European wasps.

Proven Pest Control technicians use personal protective equipment on these jobs but the quick knockdown and the extended distance from which we can apply our products really reduces the risk.

We recently had to control a nest, at height, in a children’s playground, requiring the use an elevated work platform with a bucket. When you are at that height,confined to a bucket, the operator is quite vulnerable.

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Common paper wasps are social insects, who build nests of grey papery
material around the home often under eaves, pergolas or in vegetation. The nests are cone-shaped, becoming round as more cells are added.

Nests are a maximum diameter of 10-12 centimetres, with numerous hexagonal cells underneath, some with white caps. Nests
are exposed and suspended by a short stalk under an overhang, often on a
pergola, the eaves of a roof or in a shrub or tree. Wasps cluster on the nest or forage in the garden and around buildings.

Paper wasps have some beneficial value as predators of pest
caterpillars, however they have a painful sting and will attack any
person approaching or disturbing their nest.

Nests likely to be disturbed represent a hazard and should be avoided during the day. In the event of a sting apply a cold pack.

Seek medical attention if the victim is known to be allergic or if symptoms become more severe.

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