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The reticulation system allows for the reinstatement of a chemical barrier around the foundations of the home utilising a network of underground pipes.

Using precise control of the chemical application, this system helps to protect against invasion by termites which would otherwise enter from the outside of your home. Chemical levels in the reticulation system should be topped up every three in order to maintain their effectiveness

Termite Reticulation System Installation

While there are a number of reticulation systems available, we prefer to use the TermX Replenishment System.

This termite reticulation sydney based system features a flexible PVC chemical hose that is suitable for delivering Termiticides to the full under slab of new buildings, or as a perimeter barrier on existing buildings. 

The system should be recharged every 3-5years.

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As we live in such a high-risk termite area, we have a great amount of experience in termite protection and treatment, including termite inspections, monitoring, baiting and pre-construction barriers. We provide quick, safe and responsive pest control solutions by locals backed by the assurance that comes from the Proven Pest Control name.

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TermX Reticulation System

With minimal disruption of external soils, the TermX replenishment system can be installed and up and running in no time. Once chemical treatment can be carried out at your convenience with no drift into the surrounding environment.

This gives homeowners great peace of mind to know that chemicals won’t be being sprayed into the air and local environment. It is the one and only reticulation system that has the capability of dispersing chemical foam in the required areas.


Reticulation Refills

  • For complete and continuous protection for Termites it is essential you have your reticulation system refilled every 3 years.
  • Our technicians will refill your system quickly and efficiently using the best quality chemicals.
  • A full Termite Inspection of your property should be carried out every 12months to maintain your warranty.
Termite Reticulation System

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