Rodent Control One-On-One: What You Need to Know

For years, Sydney has battled rodent invasions, especially during the cold winter days. Mice and rats have always been a common problem in New South Wales, and recent lockdowns and rise in construction projects have contributed to increased rodent sightings. 

Prolonged restaurant closures, as well as demolition and building, work across Sydney and surrounding areas resulted in rodent movement across homes, ceilings, commercial properties as well as bins and rural fields and properties Moreover, rats and mice can cause damage to materials, wires and cables and breakdowns in short-circuiting as well as serious damage to vehicles that often result in expensive out-of-pocket repairs. Farmers, among others, have also lost most of their first crops due to damaged caused by mouse plague in NSW.

From residential homes to business offices and schools, mice and rats can not only damage properties but also transfer serious diseases and illnesses. That’s why the key to fighting off rodents is in knowing when and how to react.

Turning to Professionals – A Step Towards Rodent Free Property


To completely remove the infestation, the first step after suspecting that a rodent may be present around your property is to contact our team of professionals. Often, over-the-counter products found in supermarkets and other shops may sound promising, but in reality, they only result in a waste of money and growing infestation. The key to solving any rodent issue is to react on time and book an inspection with pest control specialists.

Here at Proven Pest Control, we tailor our rodent control services to suit the unique needs of your property. Our process starts with a full property inspection where we also recommend steps for preventions, place minor bating, and email a full report with photos of affected areas. Long-term solutions are often a two-step process that requires prevention and effective treatment to prevent future infestation and remove any existing nests.

At Proven Pest Control, we offer friendly and unique rat and mouse service and our team will ensure that all your rodent-related issues are taken care of. Tailoring our services to your specific situation and environment allows us to get to the bottom of the issue as well as plan and execute a rodent control strategy that will lead towards a pest-free property. 

Inspecting the Property for Rodent Infestation


Our team is trained to inspect all areas to identify access points and find any evidence of rodent’s droppings. As industry professionals, we don’t rely on luck by simply throwing in the bait and hoping for the best, instead, we focus on both internal and external areas with the highest level of attention to detail and, when necessary, pulling out the stove, dishwasher or other appliances to identify areas of risk.

To identify access points, our team will also enter roof voids as well as inspect the subfloor, where possible. During the inspection process, photos will be taken on every area and baits placed in those locations that are affected, ensuring that there is no harm to children or pets. At the end of our inspection, we provide a rodent report which is sent off with other paperwork. Once the inspection is finalized, our team will then proceed to begin the treatment. 

With over 20 years of experience, the Proven Pest Control team of technicians is committed to providing safe and effective pest and rodent control treatments covering Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Hawkesbury as well as Wollongong and south coast areas. Contact our team today to arrange your inspection!

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