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Termidor – quality means confidence in termite treatments

Termidor – quality means confidence
Image result for termidor basfProven Pest Control installs a number of reticulation systems and uses a combination of both physical and chemical barriers for termite protection of all buildings.
Proven Pest Control is a long time Termidor user and it is the only product we use to provide the chemical barrier for underslab and perimeter treatment. Prior to the introduction of Termidor we used products such as chlorpyrifos and bifenthrin to provide the chemical harrier against termites. They worked to a point, but what we found was that termites would come rip to the chemical harrier and then move on to somewhere else. 
Termites that approached the treated zone were repelled and not killed. You couldn’t have full confidence in the protection of the property or the surrounds. If there was an eventual crack in the slab, an external breach of the perimeter, or if the services areas weren’t protected properly, termites could enter!
Termidor however made a real difference. 
When we started using Termidor we found that we were getting colony elimination. The termites weren’t getting pushed to another area of the property, or next-door. When the termites reach the treated area they take the Termidor back to the nest eliminating the colony. It is the ‘Transfer Effect’ of the Termidor – it gets rid of the termites – not just repels them.

Using Termidor for our underslab and perimeter use has taken us to a new level of protection. We can have total confidence, and so can our clients, that the property is protected. Termidor is backed by the research and manufacturing capabilities of BASF. The other thing we like about Termidor is its quality. There are some imitation products in the market, and I have seen how they mix, but they just don’t mix as well as Termidor. 

Termites If we use an imitation or inferior product. We just can’t be sure that we am getting the correct amount of product, to the right place, in the construction project. We can’t see why anybody would take such a risk just to save a few dollars,” Termidor is part of a termite management strategy that Proven Pest Control employs and we send out annual reminders to all our clients as well as reminders for retreatment after eight years, We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to do an annual inspection, or have a pre-purchase inspection for those considering the purchase of a new property.
We have visited properties where timber has been stacked against the house for example, or where the protective soil barrier has been disturbed by digging or some other construction activity. Termites have then penetrated, arid the property owner has no idea their house is under attack.

In these situations we firstly treat the termites with Termidor Dust so the termites take it back to the nest and eliminate the colony. The colony is usually gone in about two weeks, though if we are dealing with Coptotermes that may take four to six weeks. When we are sure the colony is gone, we retreat the perimeter with Termidor to restore the soil barrier and re-establish the protection. Our confidence with Termidor helps us sleep at night.Being a professional company means that we want to use professional products – that’s why we chooses Termidor every time.

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