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Termites in Penrith

Termites are a serious pest in Penrith and Australia wide, causing damage that costs hundreds of millions of dollars to repair every year. Worryingly termite damage is not covered by your home insurance, and infestations can be difficult to detect before it is too late.

Termites & white ants can travel one hundred metres or more through mud tubes or galleries from their main colony to a particular food source, eg your home. These colonies can be very difficult to find and are sometimes located in trees, walls and under floors of homes. 
New colonies are established when winged termites fly from the colony in their thousands when climatic conditions are favourable, usually between November through to February.

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Termites PenrithWhat to do if you find Termites
If you happen to locate Termites on your property DO NOT DISTURB or REMOVE them. Call us immediately, as any attempt to disturb or remove them prior to treating could fractionate the nest, causing the Termites to relocate into unknown areas which makes eradication more difficult.

Termite nests in your garden or in trees on your property should ring alarm bells – any nest on your property should be considered too close for comfort! Call us immediately to arrange an urgent inspection and eradication.

Annual Inspections
Do not neglect your annual Maintenance services, saving a couple of dollars in the short term could cost you thousands long term if there are active Termites on your property and they remain untreated. 

Termite Inspections Penrith

A termite inspection is applicable to all homes and will cover all accessible areas such as roof voids and the internal and external of the property. A report is compiled highlighting any termite or white ant activity or damage found. It will also make reference to conditions that make your home more favourable to termites or white ants eg poor drainage, plumbing leaks, garden timbers etc. It may also include any treatment recommendations and signs of previous treatments. 

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