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Warning: Generic Pesticides are Creating Super Pests!

It’s true. Many people don’t realise that generic pesticides bought at Hardware stores or your local Supermarket can actually be MORE harmful for your property than doing nothing at all. Here’s why:
Generic pesticides are usually too weak for serious pest control solutions.  When insects are exposed to these chemicals, they can actually develop immunity to the substance! This means that their offspring may not be phased at all by your roach traps or sprays.
It works like this: A cockroach or some other pest is exposed to your generic pesticide but it doesn’t die. It then reproduces and—since they have so many offspring—the odds are extremely high that some of them will develop a protective enzyme as an evolutionary response to the chemical. Now, when you try to kill the pests with your chemicals…it doesn’t work!
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Behavioral Resistance

Pests can also develop a behavioral trait that prevents them from being exposed to your insecticides. If the chemicals you have placed in one area of your property don’t kill the pests, then they may simply avoid that area in the future. Obviously, this makes isolating and dealing with the problem MUCH harder.
We call these insects “super pests” and they are taking a huge toll on properties all over the country. In fact, many property owners and managers will tell you that super pests can cost them thousands in repairs every year. And that isn’t even considering the price you pay when the word about your pest problem begins to spread among potential tenants.
The most effective and efficient solution to dealing with these super pests is to contact the pest control experts. Do-it-yourself solutions simply don’t work well enough to contain and eliminate the problem. If you’re in the Wollongong area, we recommend that you use Proven Pest Control to make sure you take care of super pests before they get out of hand!

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